The George E. Ley Company is one of the few golf course construction companies that the majority of its employees are trained in both golf course construction and irrigation. This allows us to be more flexible in personnel scheduling and minimizes project duration. Our irrigation experience starts even before we officially became a corporation. In 1964 George Ley Jr. put in his first system while he was still the superintendent at Lulu Country Club in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Not long after that in 1968, he installed the first automated system on the east coast. Since then the George E. Ley company has pioneered the irrigation industry with HDPE welding and two wire decoder systems. We have 60 members on staff that serve on our irrigation installation team regularly. We have one of the largest and up to date Irrigation equipment lists in our industry. This sets us apart from our competitors in two ways. First, we have more ready and available equipment in case of onsite equipment becoming out of service. Second, owning verses renting allows us save money and lower our customer's cost. The George E. Ley Company has completed a variety of irrigation projects, from one green loop to multi-course systems including pump stations. Those who have worked with us, know us as a trustworthy installer who warranties there work without hesitance and will always be there when needed.